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2004/09/20(2) UN Peace Parade #1

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2004/09/06(2) Greenbelt Labor Day Parade

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2004/03/20(7) Demonstrating Against Iraq War

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2004/02/20(6) Meeting with Sen. Mikulski Staff

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Bert Donn presents Diane Gross, Counsel to Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a certificate recording the Senators election to the Prince George's Peace & Justice Coalition (PG P&JC) Hall of Fame for voting against the resolution authorizing war with Iraq. Others in the group who were there to provide information on the threats to Americans' freedoms posed by the PATRIOT. act are Hasan Mansori (Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR), Lucy Duff (PG Bill of Rights Defense Coalition), Donna Hoffmeister (PG BoRDC), Esther Webb (Adelphi Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends), Bert Donn, Diane Gross, AEB (PG BoRDC), Ibrahim Moiz (Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR), Stephen Block (American Civil Liberties Union)

2003/09/01(2) Greenbelt Labor Day Parade

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2003/08/19(3) Bill of Rights Defense Meeting

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2003/04/26(6)-28(2) Balto - DC March

Demonstrators Take Their Principles on the Road (
the Washington Post 2003/04/29  By Manny Fernandez

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Greenbelt Labor Day Festival Parade 2000

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