Peace & Justice Coalition of Prince George’s County
People to people working for change

19 Woodland Way
Greenbelt, MD 20770
February 16, 2004

Honorable Members
Prince George’s County Delegation
Maryland General Assembly

A prime concern of the two dozen grassroots organizations working together in our coalition is social justice-- a fair deal for our neighbors who are disadvantaged by their place on the economic ladder, or discriminated against by race or ethnicity. This concern is indeed a major cord that ties us together. Justice is also the common thread among these legislative measures which we particularly urge you to support this year:

Our members, your constituents, trust that you share our commitment to social justice in Maryland and so expect you will use your good influence to promote each of these steps toward it.

Very truly yours,


Bertram Donn, Coordinator (301-474-1353)               Lucy Duff, Secretary (301-577-2350)